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Flood Detention

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Detention basin is usually constructed in the heavy rainfall runoff area to temporarily store surface runoff and reduce the influence of flood on downstream areas. Nowadays, the whole world is facing the threat of extreme climate, and the importance of detention basin has been increasing accordingly. On top of flood storage function, detention basin can be also used as recreational area during good weather. Wrapped-around reinforced retaining wall constructed with ACEGrid geogrids is used to build the detention basin, which can directly employ in-situ excavated soils; moreover due to it easy installation, the construction cost and time can be greatly reduced, and reach the balance of earthwork. Also, because its surface is able to provide vegetation to grow, it is much more beneficial for the recreational area construction. Using together with ACELiner™ Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL) can fortify the seepage resistance ability on the bottom of basin.

Related Case Studies

Geosynthetic Detention Basin at Shalu Interchange, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2015-
Products:ACEGrid® GG, ACEBag™, ACELiner™
Application:Flood Detention

Maple Garden, a Recreational Park with Function of Flood Detention in the City Center, Taichung, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2010-2014
Products:ACEGrid® GG, ACETex® PP
Application:Flood Detention

Detention Pond under the Shalu Overpass of Freeway No. 3, Taichung, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2015-
Products:ACEGrid® GG, ACEDrain™ S
Application:Flood Detention

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