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Geotextile Bags, Tubes and Containers

ACEBag™- PP Woven geotextile sand bags with high grade fabric, strong handler loop and robust sewing thread possess great loading capacity

Geotextile bag with excellent filtration, durability, resistance against UV, abrasion and chemicals

Applicable to coastal erosion control and protection

Cost effectiveness and ecological friendliness


Geotextile Sand Bags for Coastal Erosion Control ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― ACEBag™ are highly robust geotextile bags( also known as geobags, sand bags or geotextile sand containers) for forming temporary or permanent structures in hydraulic and geotechnical engineering, erosion control and facility protection. The sizes and shapes of ACEBag™ can be customized to satisfy the desired purpose.









Fast, flexible, and economical

In general, ACEBag™ geotextile bags are filled with in-situ materials, so a great amount of costly materials, transportation and installation works are saved. By stacking up the geotextile bags, a barrier or support system can be built easily and rapidly. To meet diverse project engineering needs, ACEBag™ geotextile bags are available in different colors (black / white/ tan), dimensions, mechanic and hydraulic characteristics, seam types and accessories such as loops and caps. Therefore, ACEBag™ geotextile bags provide more flexible, efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional methods of using concrete, steel, rock or timber.

High loading capacity with excellent durability

Composed of high grade ACETex® geotextiles, strong handler loop and robust sewing thread, ACEBag™ geotextile bags have the great loading capacity, excellent filtration characteristics and high durability including resistance against UV, abrasion, puncture, chemical and immersion corrosion in seawater.

From product design, yarn and fabric manufacture, bag fabrication, project design consultation to installation suggestion, ACE Geosynthetics can support you all for ACEBag™. The benefits of using ACEBag™ are summarized as below:

 Easy handling and installation to reduce installation time and costs
 High versatilityin diverse application environments
 High mechanical and filtration performance to enhance usage efficiency
 Environmentally friendly with less carbon emission

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